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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: Execute XML Query
Date Sun, 06 Oct 2002 18:27:16 GMT
> <a href="">Click on Link</a>
> I'd like to have xml data display on my pages without requiring users to
> click on a URL.

When using Embperl 2, mod_perl 2 and Apache 2 you can use the output of a
subrequest as input for Embperl. This is done by utilizing the APache 2
filters. To use the output of a cgi script for example you can say

[- Execute ({subreq => '/cgi-bin/my.cgi'}) -]

Theoreticaly you can now contruct a subrequest that uses the Apache proxy to
get a remote page. The last time I had tried this it didn't worked, because
Apache proxy didn't use Apache filters for output. As far as I have seen
this has been changed, so it may work now by saying

[- Execute ({subreq => ''}) -]

but I didn't have tried it. I will look at this stuff when I have the most
important things (like Perl 5.8.0) done. So it will work sooner or later.

BTW. If the requested page contains xml data, you will be able to do a xstl
transformation on the fly, by saying

[- Execute ({subreq => '',
                    recipe  => 'XSLT',
                    xsltstylesheet => 'amazon.xsl'}) -]


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