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From "Jordan Baker" <>
Subject redirect question
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2002 21:02:48 GMT
Hi.. Im trying to get redirection working with embperl 2.0b8
Tried doing:

  $http_headers_out{`Location`} = 'http://$ENV{HTTP_HOST}/ta/login.epl';
  exit 301;
But I don't get a redirect in the browser.
I did something that worked using the Apache module and doing like so:
   use Apache;
   use Apache::Constants qw(REDIRECT);
   $req = Apache->request;
   $req->header_out("Location" =>
   exit 301;
However. since I am using a Session feature. and not using Cookies.. I
would like to include the SESSION ID in the URL I am generating but I
haven't been able to see that this is possible.
A quick perusal of the docs & Embperl *.pm files shows no method to
retrieve the session id..
Any suggestions? Please cc me when you reply to the list as well. 
Jordan Baker 

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