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From Kee Hinckley <>
Subject Re: utf-8 in 1.3.x
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2002 15:23:43 GMT
At 5:26 AM +0200 9/28/02, Gerald Richter wrote:
>  > Is there anyway to get proper escaping of strings when I'm using
>>  UTF-8 encoding?  Right now I print them with my own subroutine which
>>  sets $escmode to 0 and then escapes <>&.
>Compiling Embperl with epchar.c.min instead of epchar.c (copy epchar.c.min
>to epchar.c) should work with utf8

I wish there were some way to do it in $escmode.  I'm not sure what 
the ramifications of switching all my sites to that would be given 
that many of them don't currently specify any character set.  Any 

Kee Hinckley - Somewhere.Com, LLC

I'm not sure which upsets me more: that people are so unwilling to accept
responsibility for their own actions, or that they are so eager to regulate
everyone else's.

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