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From Kee Hinckley <>
Subject RE: Building ssl/mod_perl/apache...
Date Sat, 07 Sep 2002 03:58:01 GMT
At 8:38 PM -0700 9/6/02, Wim Kerkhoff wrote:
>I'm not sure what you mean by things overwriting config file changes.
>I've been using the build script below over many versions of
>Apache/mod_perl/mod_ssl, and it never messes up my existing
>configuration in /usr/local/apache/conf. (Note this script makes some
>assumptions that the system it's being run on is Debian, but you get the

I mean config.status. Your script does the same thing as mine.  It 
knows what changes that mod_ssl and mod_perl made to the apache 
configuration, and so when it goes to build apache it makes all of 
those changes.

The problem is that if you do it the way most people would try, you 
get something like this:

configure mod_ssl, it writes to apache's config.status file
configure mod_perl, it overwrites the changes that mod_ssl made
build apache, you only get the mod_perl configuration

Never mind what happens if you'd added your own stuff to apache's 
config.status.  So to build apache with more than one module you are 
forced to hand examine what each module wants, and then custom build 
the config file.  Not pretty.

And of course none of this explains why mod_perl 1.27 doesn't work on 
my machine.

Kee Hinckley - Somewhere.Com, LLC

I'm not sure which upsets me more: that people are so unwilling to accept
responsibility for their own actions, or that they are so eager to regulate
everyone else's.

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