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From Lincoln Turner <>
Subject Re: print STDOUT "something" and $optRedirectStdout=1 fails on 2.0b8
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2002 21:21:15 GMT
>optRedirectStdout is not support in 2.0b8. 

OK... I was warned it was undocumented!!

>> despite what I understand to be aliasing code in
>> Embperl::Out. Further, if I fully qualify the filehandle I still get:
>> print() on unopened filehandle Embperl::OUT
>In your module do a
>tie *OUT, 'Embperl::Out' ;

Thanks Gerard... who ever said open source didn't have support!?
Just thought I'd add for the record that this will die at startup with
'unresolved TIEHANDLE' type whinges unless you explicitly do a 'use
Embperl;' somewehere in your startup. A 'perlmodule Embperl' in
apache's httpd.conf doesn't seem to be enough. Took me a while to
guess this, so thought I'd post it to the list.


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