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From Jarrod Stenberg <>
Subject Apache::Session::Lock::File
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 23:49:14 GMT
I have written the author of Apache::Session about
this problem, but was ignored.  There is a bug in the
Lock::File module:

<             if ((stat($dir.'/'.$file))[8] - $now >=
$time) {
>             if ($now - (stat($dir.'/'.$file))[8] >=
$time) {

He has the equation transposed.  The latter is

This problem causes this utility to fail:
/perl -e 'use Apache::Session::Lock::File; my $l = new

This is something you should run if you use file
locking for sessions, especially if you have a busy

FreeBSD users note that there is now a way to improve
performance on directories with a lot of files in them
(such as a lock directory):
options         UFS_DIRHASH             #Improve
performance on big directories

This is now included in the GENERIC kernel (4.6.2).


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