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From "Charlie Hills" <>
Subject Re: Question about preserving whitespace...
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2002 15:39:46 GMT
> Realize that that is only making a hard break in the html document that
> then gets parsed by the browser.. HTML doesn't recognize whitespace in
> the document itself without a <pre> (preformatted) tag.  So you could do
> one of two things:
>  [$ if (blah) $] text1
>  [$ endif $]
>  <br>
>  [$ if (blah2) $] text2
>  [$ endif $]

Except it's not generating HTML, but the text for a plain text email. So the
<br> tag is definitely going to show up in the mail message body. That's why I
was hoping there'd be some invisible way of doing this. (First time I've ever
really tried to control the formatting of the output like this: normally, it's
all HTML and I don't care.) I figured that anything between tags would be left
alone by the embperl processing. That is, it'd process the first [$ if $]
statement, find the end of the statement, then spit out everything up to the
next statement as-is. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Charlie Hills
CreditMinders Development Team
512.263.7003 x223

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