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From "Charlie Hills" <>
Subject Question about preserving whitespace...
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2002 15:19:51 GMT
We're using embperl to generate dynamic email messages, but I'm having trouble
getting whitespace preserved between conditional statements. e.g.:

[$ if (this) $] * some text
[$ endif $]

[$ if (that) $] * some other text
[$ endif $]


 * some text
 * some other text

and not:

 * some text

 * some other text

as I might expect. If I separate the two if statements with more whitespace,
same result. The only time I can get it to preserve whitespace is to throw
something else in there. e.g., if I put a "." in there somewhere between the
statements, then it keeps the whitespace intact.

I even tried tossing in a [- print "\n" -] statement, to no avail!

Any thoughts? Should I just forget it and move on?

Charlie Hills
CreditMinders Development Team
512.263.7003 x223

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