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From "Gerald Richter - ecos gmbh" <>
Subject Re: (Emb)perl & JavaScript
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2002 14:52:23 GMT
>   I'd like to have a (emb)perl library that would hide the JavaScript
> ugliness behind couple of simple Perl calls, but I can't find anything
> interesting. Ideally it would work in the Embperl::Form::Validate way,
> but offered more advanced stuff like (database) table edit widget,
> inteligent date widget, menu tree widget etc. Have anybody heard about
> such thing? If not would there be any person interested in using and/or
> creating it?

Using it would be cool! For creating I have no time :-(

>  Here's an example of what I'm talking about: To edit bigger
> part of the (database) table at once, as opposed to the editing it line
> by line (eg, editing lines on the invoice), you would write something
> like example below (working demo is on
> ). Any comments?

Looks good to me. I use similar things for intranet webservers, where I know
which browsers the user have.

I have a Embperl file that creates forms with some JS support (validate,
hiding parts of the form etc.). In case you start createing such a JS-Perl
lib and like to take a look let me know.


P.S. Your demo crashs my german IE5.5 when I click on New Line

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