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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: Apache og mod_perl 2
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2002 03:55:24 GMT
> Will all features of Embperl work as well under apache & mod_perl 2 as
> 1?

As long as you only use the prefork MPM it will work the same

> What about DBIx::Recordset?

Should be no problem

> I'd like to find a nice overview of what is better (and if so, what is
> in 2, but the information I find through search engines are a mixed bag -
> lot seems outdated, so how to know what is current?

The main problem of mod_perl 2 is, that the docs are not fully written yet
and a lot of things have changed because the Apache API has changed. There
is a module called Apache::compat, when you use it most things works the
same way as in mod_perl 1. The main source of information is
and of cousre the mod_perl source itself.

> I have lots of questions - what about Apache::DBI, session persistence,
> performance and so on.

Apache::DBI should work, sessions also and performance should be better (but
I am not aware of any mod_perl 2 benchmarks). You will run into trouble as
soon as you try to use the worker MPM which uses threads, because not all
modules supports threads yet.


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