Yes, you need install Apache::Session and Apache Registry.
But see that when you install the Mod_Perl the Apache::Registry is at once install.
About the details, exist some well deitalled in sites that his pass.
May be the very important is the configuration do Mod_perl and EmbPerl.
* - For the installation of Mod_perl you necessity do download of file in and select the version 1.27 that is the very appropriate.
* - After of download e after of descompact you module install of follow form:
    --- $ perl Makefile.PL
    --- $ make
    --- $ make install
    --- (for more details read the files README and INSTALL)
    --- this is the installation of Mod_Perl.
* - For the use with EmbPerl you will have install the Apache, Perl and Mod_Perl that it's necessary for your work.
*  -The EmbPerl is compost by a serie de packages all of which need installing.
        --- the packages are:
             + Apache-Session_1.54.tar.gz
             + Apache-SessionX_2.00b3.tar.gz
             + Bundle-libnet-1.00.tar.gz
             + Apache-Session_1.54.tar.gz
             + For the manipulation of databases is necessary the installation of the modules: DBI-1.30.tar.gz, DBD_Oracle-1.12.tar.gz and Apache-DBI-0.89.tar.gz.
             + Digest-MD5-2.20.tar.gz
             + HTML-EmbPerl-1.34.tar.gz(that will need is install by finishid, after of all the packages)
             + HTML-Parser-3.26.tar.gz
             + HTML-TagSet-3.03.tar.gz
             + MD5-2.02.tar.gz
             + MIME-Base64-2.12.tar.gz
             + Storable-2.04.tar.gz
             + Test-Simple-0.46.tar.gz
             + URI-1.20.tar.gz
             + Libnet-1.12.tar.gz
             + Libwww-perl-5.65.tar.gz
* - Now is his descompact and his installling. (Note that all are installing likewise)
             + $ perl Makefile.PL
             + $ make
             + $ make test (optional)
             + $ make install
* Now in Apache is necessary add this:
## Session for mod_perl
Alias /perl/ "/home/httpd/mod_perl/"
PerlModule Apache::Registry
<Location /perl>
   SetHandler perl-script
   PerlHandler Apache::Registry
   Options ExecCGI
   PerlSendHeader Off
   PerlSetVar ReloadAll On
   Allow from all

## Session for embperl

Alias /embperl /home/httpd/htdocs/embperl/
<Location /embperl>
SetHandler  perl-script
PerlHandler HTML::Embperl
Options     ExecCGI
* - And finally restart the Apache.
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Thanks for the details.

Do i need to install Apache::Session, Apache::Registry ?

Can you give in some examples of exactly how session management can be done. Can you provide proper details i mean step by step how it can be done.

As i saw from some site but still not clear about the flow. As it does not give clearly the necessary things.
I also have to work with databases, insert data into tables and creation and updation of tables. Main is session handling.

what about the access to the databases. what package needs to be installed for that.

As per your mail , two things required is EmbPerl and mod_perl. Apart from this what all modules are needed. Please specify.