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From Hemali Desai <>
Subject RE: Need Help
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2002 06:51:15 GMT
   My requirement is I need to convert asp files into perl files. The site
has a module which is in asp and need to convert it into perl and with
session handling. 

So i am not aware of whether with normal activerstate perl , is session
handling done..?

I just read about EmbPerl and was confused as to what needs to be done.

For my site i need to create tables and insert data into it. Also i need to
update the created tables and all these needs to be done in Perl and with
session handling. Need to get the inputs from user and validate it and then
store in table and based on that perform some more actions.
Also the configuation with apache , what is mentioned is site is also not
working. Can you please let me know what needs to be done in httpd.conf file
so that embperl works with apache. As of now when i introduced the 
<Directory "C:/Apache/htdocs">
  <FilesMatch ".*\.html$"> 
   SetHandler perl-script 
   PerlHandler HTML::EmbperlObject   
   Options ExecCGI
  <FilesMatch ".*\.epl$">
   Order allow,deny 
   Deny From all

following code in httpd.conf, when i start apache , it gives error Invalid
command PerlHandler, perhaps mis-spelled or defined by module not included
in server configuration

I installed Apache , installed mod-perl. I ran in the dir where
mod_perl was installed. But i could not run make and make install command.
It does not support these commands.

Can you let me know for session handling what all modules i need to install
and from where. Also can you tell me proper httpd_conf configurations. How
to test whether embperl is running on apache.

I have as of now mod_perl (mod_perl-1.27) installed in c:\mod_perl, apache
(1.3.26) in c:\apache and Perl installed in c:\Perl. Also in c:\apache\conf
, httpd_conf needs to be configured for session handling using embperl with
apache. No idea how to do that as whatever i did from the examples on site,
it's not working.

>From where to install Apache::Session or Html::Embperl::Session will do ?

Can you provide me with some examples of how to read data from user store it
in table and then perform some other action and ofcourse session handling is

As of now lot of things i am getting but still not pretty sure as how the
flow will be and how to start so that i will be in the right direction.

Presently i am testing it on my local so OS is Windows. But likely that my
actual site will be on Linux. So if you can give the differences in setups
to be done , please do let me know.

Please let me the know the details if possible.

Thanks for your earlier help.


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> From:	Luiz Fernando B. Ribeiro []
> Sent:	Friday, August 02, 2002 5:50 PM
> To:
> Subject:	Re: Need Help
> Hi Hemali,
> Resposta a sua mensagem de sexta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2002:
> Hemali> Hi,
> Hemali>    I am subscribed to the embperl mailing list.
> Hemali> I have some questions.
> Hemali> Is EmbPerl the best source for doing Session Management on
> linux/Unix
> Hemali> servers using Apache as Web or App Server.?
> Hemali> Can EmbPerl be used with ActivePerl and Apache.
> If you are looking just for a Session management system you should
> look at other solutions since for plain CGI/Perl you will not be
> using all the cool features Embperl provides and under CGI Embperl
> will cause a big overhead on the server.
> I would recommend you the mod_perl/EmbperlObject solution as the
> framework to build your application but if you need just a way to
> do some simple Session management for CGI apps you should look in CPAN
> here:
> Embperl is a very powerful solution but requires full access to the
> the server to be installed.
> In case you can't find any suitable module for your needs in CPAN I
> have a simple module for CGI session management that I can send you.
> Maybe you should explain your needs better...
> Good luck,
> Luiz Fernando B. Ribeiro
> Engenho Soluções para a Internet
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