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From Cameron McBride <>
Subject Re: DirectoryIndex file in Embperl::Object, a quick solution
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 03:28:33 GMT
> A few days back I came to you with a problem concerning
> Embperl::Object not using Apache's DirectoryIndex directive. Gerald
> Richter unfortunately informed me it is indeed a known issue and will
> be worked on.  

He also suggested a workaround.   In case you missed it, I quote: 
>>  Yes, that a known (at least to me) problem. Workaround is to let
>>  Embperl::Object handle only the files you need, so Apache gets a
>>  chance to pick up your index file. To do this add something like
>>  EMBPERL_URIMATCH "\.htm.?|\.epl$"

> Just for reference, in case people may need this here
> or there, here is a simple workaround:


I guess there is MTOWTDI.  ;-)  I do, however, think that setting
EMBPERL_URIMATCH is a bit cleaner.  Basically it restricts Embperl 
to only act on the pages that end in '.htm(l)' and '.epl'.

If you are happy with your solution, then all is well and good.  I just
thought I would reinterate the solution that Gerald suggested as it has
worked fantasitically for me.  


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