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From Ruben I Safir <>
Subject embperl class in NYC
Date Sun, 04 Aug 2002 18:30:59 GMT
Free Software Institute REVISED Class Schedule for August:

Classes $300 individually perl 1 and 2 bundle $550 Linux 1 Unix 1 bunlde
$550 -> Students talking Linux 1 are require to purchase a computer used
for the rest of the corse work

Complete program package -> perl1, perl2, linux 1, unix 1, linux 2, unix 2
Database Programming 1, Introdution to Networking 1 $4000

Perl2 - Object Orientation in Perl · Basic CGI Programming · Database usage
and SQL · Building Database Web Applications with DBI · Basic MYSQL
administration and SQL · Templating Web Design and Rapid Development with
Perl · Introduction to mod_perl · Writing Basic Apache

Tuesday at ASHA:

7:00PM - 11:00PM

August 6th August 13th August 20th August 27th September 3rd

Unix 1 - Unix Tool, find, locate, man, grep, AWK, sort, df, ls, gcc, make
cp, ln, mv Permissions, tcp networking,route.

Wednesday at Rozensweig and Maffia 7PM-11:00

August 7th August 14th August 21st Augisyt 28th September 4th

Linux 2 - Apache Installation: Download Source Code untar make make install
Configure Apache Apache root httpd.conf initiation startup script httpd
processes htdocs directory mysql installation Download source untar make
install set initial permissions set up initiation file System monitoring
tripwire system log monitoring top kill renice/nice last who w netstat
route cron/crontab Port scanning/network security nmap inetd.conf tcp
wrappersm- hosts.allow hosts.deny simple package forwarding, firewall,
ipchains/NAT sshd,encrypted channels, VPN

Thusdays - Brooklyn NYLXS Headquarters - 7PM-11:00PM

August 8th August 15th August 21st August 28th September 5th

Unix 2 - shell scripting, C programming, Desktop X

Tuesdays NYLXS Headquarters - Brooklyn

August 6th August 13th August 20th August 27th September 3rd


Total program for reference: Sylibus:

Introduction to Linux


Boot Media, Kernels

Hard Drives


fdisk, type 82, type 83

swap partition mkswap, swapon, partition types,

partition tables, /boot /home /usr /var

file systems, ext2, reiser, ext3, mke2fs

inodes, MBR

Introduction to the Shell

kernle ->getty -> login ->shell




Introduction to VI, vim,

vi commands:

command mode

i =>insert

o =>open

a =>append



yy =>yank



edit mode

type and character into screen

to go back to command mode

execute mode

:w write

:q quit

/search search

:wq! at all costs

1,$s/old/new/g <== substitution globaly

Basic Shell comands

ls - directory listing

cp - copy

mv - move

ls ru* - globing

cat - cancatonate

ps -auxw - see processes

pstree - see process tree

top - system report

Directory tree

files, ownership, group permissions

Setting up X


Knowing your video card

Knowing your monitor

sysinit - /etc/rc.d/init.d - turning services off and on

network setup


host name




adding users - different on different systems



ifconfig - see network connections

modules - modprobe, demode, lsmod, kernel compile

Introduction to unix

Unix Tool, find, locate, man, grep, AWK, sort, df, ls, gcc, make

cp, ln, mv Permissions, tcp networking,route.

Introduction to Programming with Perl

Advanced Unix2

shell scripting, C programming, Desktop X.

Introduction to Apache: Linux 2

Install of mod perl, install of Apache, Install of embperl,

and mason, basic apache configuration with files and virtual

servers, etc

Advanced Web Programming with Perl

embperl, modperl, the apache request cycle, cgi's, html, forms,

cookies and sessions

Database Programming 1

MYSQL installation, Creating tables, performance evalutions,

SQL seelcts, Inserts, user permissions, Perl DBI, C API.

Introdution to Networking 1

REVIEW tcp/id, introduce mail, sendmail, bind, DNS, DHCP,



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