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From Sergey Merkuriev <>
Subject post installation
Date Sat, 03 Aug 2002 09:51:15 GMT

I'm use embperl long time and have projects. 
Some days ago I freshed my pache, mod_perl and ssl to (apache_1.3.26, 
mod_perl_1.27 ... ). 
I have decided to refresh Embperl and have placed(installed) 1.3.4. 
Compilation, tests and installation were successful. 
In apache I have added:

PerlModule Embperl
AddType text/html .epl
<Files *.epl>
   SetHandler  perl-script
   PerlHandler Embperl
   Options     ExecCGI

But mine epl files I continue to see as the usual text.  

look http://server/server-info :
LoadModule perl_module modules/
... absent there 

In messages apache I of nothing find. That I do incorrect and how to force to 
work embperl.

P.S. installed Apache::Session 1.54 and Apache::SessionX 2.00b3 

~ Sergey Merkuriev

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