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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: Cookieless Session Management
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2002 06:30:21 GMT

I just have tested the session mangement without cookies and it works for
me. Please try in the Embperl directory to run

make test

and then request


You should see three links at the bottom of the page, each should have a id
included and look like the following:


Does it?

> Here is what I have found... I went back and ran make test on Embperl.
> Most, but not all, of the mod_perl tests fail with the message "ERR:EOF
> instead of reponse status line".

Mmh, that doesn't sound good...

Please run

make test TESTARGS="-h"

and send me the test/tmp/httpd.err.log and test/tmp/test.log

> It still remains that cookie based session management does seem to work

I am sure we get it working, but first we should get make test working, to
be sure your environment is correctly setup.

> BTW, I do think Embperl is a VERY cool thing.  I was considering
> learning JSP, which still may happen just for marketability, and found
> Embperl instead.  I have been a Perl nut for a few years now, and really
> am impressed with what has become of Embperl.



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