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From "James Ponder" <>
Subject Re: returning lists from subroutines
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2002 10:38:40 GMT

Oh right, I didn't realise that.

The only reason I'm using Embperl subroutines is that I want to import a bunch of common routines,
like so:

  Execute ({ inputfile => 'share.epl', import => 1 });

However this didn't import perl subroutines, so I switched over to Embperl subroutines instead.

Is there a better solution?

Best wishes, James
James Ponder

                      "Gerald Richter"                                                   
                      <>        To:       <>,
James Ponder/DMGIT/DMG UK/DeuBa@DMG UK             
                      09/07/2002 20:05         Subject:  Re: returning lists from subroutines

> Whatever context this subroutine is called in, the return statement is
always evaluated in scalar context, so if I called this with:

That's true. I think I should fix it and make behave it like in Perl.

BTW. 1.3.4 isn't able to return values from subs at all (only as parametrer
per reference) and when I designed 2.0 I wanted to change this, but didn't
have done any test on it so far. So it more suprising that it works at all

I put it on the TODO list, so we get correctly working return args for the
next release


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