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From Axel Beckert - ecos gmbh <>
Subject Re: web site structure quesiton
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2002 09:02:08 GMT

On Mon, Jul 15, 2002 at 02:42:54PM -0700, Scott Chapman wrote:
> I have a web site with EmbPerl where URLS are into specific directories 
> (unique directories are created for each user and the pages are currently 
> symlinked into the directories and accessed there).

First let me say that I agree to Aaaron regarding his comment on
security respective privacy concerns.

> I want to make it so that the current URL format is maintained if
> possible:

> currently:
> http://website/subdir/UNIQUEDIR/page.epl

> I don't want the page.epl to be in that directory any more but I want the web 
> site to redirect all such pages to a page.epl with the UNIQUEDIR as a 
> parameter.
> Is this possible?

Of course this is possible. If your're unique id follows a syntax,
which no other directory has, you can use the Apache directives Alias
or AliasMatch from mod_alias (a default compiled in apache standard
module). Or you use mod_rewrite (a non-default apache standard
module), if it's a little bit trickier or if you want to check if
those unique id directory which is requested really exists.

Do something like

  AliasMatch /subdir/(regexp-for-uniquedir)/page.epl /path/to/htdocs/subdir/page.epl

This should be similiar to the often used vice versa case, where files
are aliased into a lot of non-existing (short said virtual)

In mod_rewrite this should look something like this (the second line
gets evaluated first!):

  # Only remap file if directory exists,
  RewriteCond /path/to/htdocs/$1$2 -d

  # Only remap file if file exists,
  RewriteCond /path/to/htdocs/$1page.epl -f

  # Remap page.epl to ../page.epl in uniqui-id-directories
  RewriteRule ^/(subdir/)(regexp-for-uniquedir)/page\.epl(?.*)?$ /$1page.epl$3

(Untested, so no guaranties... :-)

            Kind regards, Axel Beckert
Axel Beckert      ecos electronic communication services gmbh
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