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From Aaron Johnson <>
Subject Re: web site structure quesiton
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2002 00:26:34 GMT

I would be concerned by the fact that the user data would be under a web
directory and exposed.  What type of information would be in the files
and would it be difficult to load them from a location outside of the
main web directory structure?

You could possibly use the Embperl::Object (2.x) HTML::EmbperlObject
(1.3.x) and have the 'base' page load the user information for you
automatically from a per defined directory.

You didn't state if it is minimal information that is going to be
stored, why couldn't/shouldn't it be included in the database?


On Mon, 2002-07-15 at 17:42, Scott Chapman wrote:
> I have a web site with EmbPerl where URLS are into specific directories 
> (unique directories are created for each user and the pages are currently 
> symlinked into the directories and accessed there).  I am changing the site 
> so that the only thing stored in the unique directories is the data for each 
> user (that isn't going into the database).  I want to make it so that the 
> current URL format is maintained if possible:
> currently:
> http://website/subdir/UNIQUEDIR/page.epl
> I don't want the page.epl to be in that directory any more but I want the web 
> site to redirect all such pages to a page.epl with the UNIQUEDIR as a 
> parameter.
> Is this possible?
> TIA,
> Scott
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