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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: DirectoryIndex file?
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2002 05:18:25 GMT

>I have finally managed to configure Embperl and Embperl::Object into
running with
> mod_perl, but am now facing another problem. Embperl::Object does not seem
> search for the DirectoryIndex file...

Yes, that a known (at least to me) problem. Workaround is to let
Embperl::Object handle only the files you need, so Apache gets a chance to
pick up your index file. To do this add something like

EMBPERL_URIMATCH "\.htm.?|\.epl$"

Of course you need to customize the regex to catch the file extentions you
are using.

>Also, Gerald, are you considering puting together a team that would polish
> documentation into something more useful than simply a reference of
> Remember my last question, where I forgot to use Embperl_UseEnv?
> (I also noticed someone else overlooked this). Even after I knew the
> it took me some time to find the place in the docs where this is
> After I get a better grip on this thing, I would gladly contribute with
anything you could require...

I know the documentation of Embperl 2.0 is really bad. Most things are not
updated from Embperl 1, so you run in the wrong direction sometimes. A lot
of things are not documentated at all. For me updateing the docs is the most
important thing at the moment, but it's a lot of work so it may take some
time, but step by step things should get better. (Just at the weekend I
wrote more about Embperl_UseEnv (not online yet) :-)

Anybody who likes to contribute is highly appreciated, but I fear at the
moment I have to first write things down once, before they can be improved.

Anyway comments, improments or help are always welcome


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