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From (Angus Lees)
Subject DBIx::Recordset patches
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2001 05:44:13 GMT
not being able to insert any new entries gave me the incentive to fix a
few bugs:

 DBIx::Compat now knows about Pg joins

 s/\*Table/*MainTable/ in several places that look sensible

 stray debugging print now protected by "if debug > 2"

 s/OUTER/LEFT OUTER/ in BuildFields

I'm still fuzzy on SQL JOIN semantics, so someone who knows should probably
check that (4) is what was intended.

(2) is the controversial one - but "make test" still works, so there's no
way I could have broken any existing code ;)

Note: you still can't insert/delete/update multiple tables at once,
this just makes it work in the presence of !LinkName, by using the
!Table you gave, not the list of tables that would be used in a SELECT.

 - Gus

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