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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: How to use ddd with embperl?
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2001 20:26:50 GMT
> I've heard that a useful tool for debugging perl cgi scripts is to run
> them through ddd on a XWindows machine when the user calls the
> web page.
> Is this possible with Embperl?

Yes, 2.0 supports debugging your page with the perl debugger. In offline
mode you can use the Perl debugger with

    perl -d file.epl

or ddd with

    ddd --debugger 'perl -d file.epl'

this will show you your html page source and you can step thru it, set
breakpoints etc., just like a normal perl program.

When you run Embperl as a cgi script, it should be possible to do the same,
also I didn't tried it yet. To avoid stepping thru Embperl itself, you
should copy the BEGIN block from to

When running under mod_perl you can use Apache::DB to step thru your embperl
pages. I think it should also be possible to use DDD together with mod_perl,
in this case you need an Apache which is configured to use Apache::DB as
debugger and start the whole Apache under DDD, with something like

    ddd --debugger 'httpd -f /path/to/httpd.conf' --perl

I didn't have tried the last thing, also it's on my to do list and it really
would be great if it works.

Let me know the results in case you try it out


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