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From Kee Hinckley <>
Subject Feature request: [$ hidden $] in URLs
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2001 18:45:30 GMT
Hash: SHA1

I'd like to be able to say:

<a href="foo.html?bar=1&[$ hidden $]">go there</a>

In a URL context it should result in a set of appropriate & separated 
arguments with the fields that aren't currently represented in the 
URL.  That requires a bit of URL parsing, but it wouldn't have to be 
done unless there was a hidden clause in the URL, so the performance 
hit shouldn't be big.

If you want a specific example.  I'm building a calendar package, and 
one piece is a little calendar image, where each day is a link.  It's 
easy enough to make each link be of the form 
"?day=1&month=10&year=2000" and that works fine, until you decide to 
add something like searching.  Then I'll need to preserve the search 
terms across browsing the calendar, so now I need to change all the 
links to "?day=1&month=10&year=2000&search=[+$fdat{search}+]".  And 
then of course some other argument gets added, and I need to add that 
to the links... and so on.

So what I'd really like is for [$ hidden $] in a URL context to 
expand to all the CGI arguments that don't currently exist in the 
URL, but that are in %fdat.

- -- 
Kee Hinckley - Somewhere.Com, LLC

I'm not sure which upsets me more: that people are so unwilling to accept
responsibility for their own actions, or that they are so eager to regulate
everyone else's.

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