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From Dirk Melchers <>
Subject Setting %fdat by script?
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 08:48:15 GMT

I am trying to mix Mason and Embperl and have a problem with inserting
data into %fdat by the script.
I am not sure, if my problem (see below) is triggered by Mason or

My setup: Apache 1.2.13, mod_perl 1.24 not DSO, Embperl 1.3.1, Mason

index.html is parsed by mason; mason puts a navigation around the
-------------- index.html -----
use HTML::Embperl;

my $out="";
<% $out %>
-------------- end index.html ---------

So mason calls Embperl, executes formular.epl and returns the output.

In formular.epl I read a file and insert these data into %fdat for
further form processing.

So I do (pseudo code):

foreach $key (keys %filehash) {

Then I have a form to proceed to the next step and pass %fdat via

The problem: my inserted data is not passed to the next page.

I tried to insert the following code inside the foreach loop:

foreach $i (0..$#ffld) {
	if($ffld[$i] eq "${bereich}_${key}") {
if ($f == 0) {
	push @ffld, "${bereich}_${key}";

This helped, but sometimes the data in %fdat gets doubled, so all fields
are stored twice and Data::Dumper show only ARRAY(0x...), no more

Long story, short question: What is the right way to insert data into


Dirk Melchers.

Dirk Melchers             NUREG Neue Medien       Fon   +49 911
32002-256        Dorfäckerstrasse 31      Fax   +49 911
32002-299       D-90427 NĂĽrnberg        Mobil +49 172 935 46

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