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From John Walstra <>
Subject Embperl Job Openings at CNET
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2001 23:20:37 GMT
This seems like the best place to find people with experience with Embperl. We have a few job
openings. Jobs are located in Itasca, IL (northern suburbs of Chicago). I'm one of the programmers,so
I can forward any questions you have to the HR people.

There are three levels, Associate Software Engineer, Software Engineer, and Senior Software
Engineer. Associate Software Engineer is like starting level, Senior Software Engineer is
like guru levels, and Software Engineer is some level in between.

The qualifications are ...

"Has a strong understanding of operating systems and networks" <-- we use Linux, and client/server,
IPC, and threading knowledge is always a plus.

"Has a solid understanding of HTML" <-- I assume if you know Embperl you can program HTML.

"Demonstrates an understanding of relational database, SQL, and know how to formulate non-trivial
queries in ways that provide appropriate performance." <-- We use MySQL, switching to Oracle
or Sybase in near future.

"Has a working knowledge of Unix environment" <-- again Linux.

"Has demonstrated mastery or a high level blah blah blah" <-- We program in Perl and C,
and use Embperl and Javascript. C++ and Java are always a plus.

"Excellent written & oral communication skills" <-- You can talk and/or write a sentence.
Spelling and grammar is required 50% of the time.

What we do ...

We are about to roll out a B2B e-commerce site designed to connect distributors ad resellers
of computer equipment. It allows them to create, manage, and mail quotes to end-users. It's
done completely in Embperl. Looking down the road, we realize we need more people not to burn
out the development staff currently working (ie. me and 5 others).

I figured if we are looking for people, who we don't need to teach Embperl and Perl, this
would be a good place to start.


John Walstra                                         CNET Networks
Senior Software Developer, Jack Of All Trades        300 Park Blvd, Suite 105                                Itasca, IL 60143-4914
Phone: 630.438.7000 x1304                            Fax: 630.775.0555

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