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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: XMLParser error in embperl XML call.
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2001 04:24:07 GMT
>When I rebuilt apache, the problem went away. It is related to expat, which
>XMLParser is calling.
>It's not clear to me if this is a problem that will be fixed soon or not,
but it
>is a workaround in the meantime.
The problem is that Apache comes with an Expat (Lite) version and
XML::Parser wants to load Expat, so the Expat symbols would be defined
twice, which the linker, of course, refuses.
This has to be fixed in the XML::Parser. It has to use Apaches buildin Expat
if available. Since this is a long standing issue, I don't expect it to be
solved soon.

Anyway building Apache without Expat is the correct solution


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