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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: PERL AND IIS
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2001 14:41:43 GMT
> I installed .epl extension to use PerlIS.dll (as described in
> documentation), but the scripts generates no output. I wonder it is not
> possible to use IIS with Activestate ISAPI, because in the Apache/mod_perl
> version you can configure a handler (by setting PerlHandler parameter in
> conf file).
> I need to know what happens when IIS calls PerlIS.dll. What handler is
> used... OR is there any handlers in ISAPI?
> I searched FAQs and lists. Several similar answers has been put but with
> solutions.
> Microsoft is very interested in Perl. I think Embperl has great future in
> conjunction with MS IIS.
> I use PPM installed 1.X Embperl.
> Do you have any suggestions? Can you help me?

You need to tell IIS that should be executed whenever a Embperl
page is requested. (which is part of the Embperl distribution)
will take care to handle the actual processing to Embperl. So first of all I
would try to map the .pl extention to perlis.dll (I think that is already
done by the ActiveState setup program), then you could copy
somewhere in a directory that is accessable form outside can request a page


if this works, you can map the epl extention to and it should
work. If this final step also works, you should move the in some
other directory, so it isn't directly accessable from the web anymore, to
make thinks more secure.

If you have any further questions let me know, if you getting this setup to
work, I would be very happy, if you can write a few words about what you
have done, so I can include it in the Embperl documentation.


P.S. Please also reply to the mailing list, so others can participate on
this discussion

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