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From Neil Gunton <>
Subject Re: calling methods within EmbperlObject (was: Possible bug with EmbperlObject and [$ sub $])
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 15:35:07 GMT
> personally, [$ uses $] is quite enough for me.
> a few people seem to expect the [$ uses '../*' $] behaviour when they
> hear talk about search paths and selectively overriding things.
> but considering the performance impact, i think it would be best to
> document [$ uses '../*' $] and let people do it themselves.

I think I really like your idea. And I agree, [$ uses '../*' $] can be
optional, it's only one line. I have been playing around with the stuff
that Gerald came up with, and so far I have to do the following to get
the kind of inheritance that I'd like. If I'm doing stupid/unnecessary
stuff with Perl then that's because of my relative inexperience :-)

I'd like to confirm that the method I am using here (passing around a
reference to the 'subs' object in the req) is a sensible thing to do,
and that I am not being inefficient with memory or speed in any way. It
seems to me that I will now effectively be referencing all my (formerly
global) variables through a hash, which seems like it could introduce a
certain amount of additional overhead (because of the hash lookup every
time I refer to the variable). Will this appreciably affect performance?
I suppose it's necessary, so it's a moot point maybe.

Also, I store the package name in the hash, so that derived classes can
change their @ISA. I am not aware of how you might get the package name
of an object otherwise. Maybe there's a better way. Any comments
welcomed. Anyway, here it is:

		# Setup other packages
		$req = shift;
		Execute ({inputfile => 'subs.html', import => 0});
		Execute ('subs.html#NEW', \$req->{subs});

		# Example call

		# Do rest of html
		Execute ('*');

		$req = shift;

		# Example call

	[$ sub NEW $]
		my $object = {};
		bless $object, __PACKAGE__;
		$object->{__PACKAGE__} = __PACKAGE__;
		${$param[0]} = $object;
	[$ endsub $]

	[! sub xxx{ print OUT "xxx"; } !]

	[$ sub NEW $]
		Execute ({inputfile => '../subs.html', import => 0});
		Execute ('../subs.html#NEW', \$object);

		# Make sure we inherit from parent
		@ISA = ($object->{__PACKAGE__});

		# Keep object, but bless it into this package
		bless $object, __PACKAGE__;
		$object->{__PACKAGE__} = __PACKAGE__;
		${$param[0]} = $object;
	[$ endsub $]

		sub xxx
			my $self = shift;
			print OUT "foo/xxx ";

			# Example call to parent version
			$self->SUPER::xxx (@_);

This all seems to work just fine so far. It allows me to have real
inheritance without including everything in the same package (like I was
doing before). However as you can see it does involve a fair amount of
boilerplate code which might be better off living in Embperl.

Gus, I think that what I am doing here is pretty much functionally
equivalent to what you are suggesting with [$ uses $]. If I'm wrong then
please tell me how it differs. But your idea is much nicer, IMO.

Gerald, I don't know how much extra work this would be for you.
Obviously I don't want to rework all my websites to use the methods
which I give above, if you are going to add something like [$ uses $].
On the other hand, I do need to get on with stuff... what do you think?
I'm not trying to be pushy here, just wondering about timescale. If you
think it's really easy and a matter of a week or something like that
then I would hold off on rework (and the documentation/examples) so that
I can use the new version. If you think it would take longer or you are
very busy right now, then I would just go ahead and change over to doing
things the way I have it above.

Either way, thanks again, I like the way that EmbperlObject seems to be


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