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From Leon Brocard <>
Subject Dynamic URI query strings
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2000 11:10:17 GMT

I coming across a problem and I'm hoping that someone has solved it
in a slightly cleaner way than I have.

We have Embperl pages which include Embperl "components". These
components need to link to the same pages but with additional parameters
(intended for the component) passed in the URL. [The components
are done with Execute($name, \%conf)]

ie the page is called with:
but the component wants to link to:

The way I have done it is for the page to pass the component
a "prefix" URI, which the component then manipulates. I haven't
found a Perl module which'll do what I want, so I've had to come
up with the following which uses the CGI and URI modules:

my $uriprefix = '/investment/detail.epl?code=FOO&display=WOTSIT&it=BAR';
my $uri = URI->new($uriprefix);
$uriprefix = $uri->query();
my $q = CGI->new($uriprefix);
$q->param('code', '007');
$q->param('new', 'YES');
$uriprefix = $uri->path . '?' . $q->query_string;
print $uriprefix, "\n";

Have I missed something? Is there a module on CPAN which makes this
manipulation easier? Should there be?

Cheers, Leon
Leon Brocard   |   perl "programmer"   |

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