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From "Martin A. Langhoff" <>
Subject Variable declaration / scope
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2000 11:47:10 GMT
hi list,

    I've been developing with Embperl for a few months now, and I've
already RTFM a few times, but still some issues remain obscure to me. So
here it is: Why can't I declare a lexical variable inside a [- -] block?
[- my $foo -] will make Embperl cry loud if $foo was not declared as a

    And if I change $foo with %foo in the previous example, it seems
that declaring [- my $foo -]  when it already is a global wipes %foo's
contents clean when the [- -] block is over.

    I can, of course, declare [! my $foo !] and get it to work, but
that's another issue...

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