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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: EmbperlObject: parameters? (idea)
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2000 11:28:16 GMT
>   I'm playing with your solution and while it seems to work, but I've
> found three more problems:
> - I need to post-process result of the Execute so I try
> <title>[- Execute({ inputfile => '*#title', output => \$x }) -] [+
> process($x) +]</title>
> but EmbperlObject complains file '*#title' doesn't exists. Fortunately
> following works
> <title>[- Execute({ inputfile => '*', sub => 'title', output => \$x })
> -]
> [+ process($x) +]</title>

Yes, the *#title syntax only works in the short form. i.e. Execute
('*#title') ;

> - I'm having problems with caching Execute results: even when I turn it
> off with mdate => undef
> <title>[- Execute({ inputfile => '*', sub => 'title', output => \$x,
> mtime => undef }) -]
> [+ process($x) +]</title>
> it still shows old values. The problem matifests itself in several
> browsers but reload would always fix it: I guess it must be
> EmbperlObject problem. (I'll make simplified case if it's necessary).

This has nothing to do with the mtime paramter. mtime only is responsible
for the caching of the compiled perl code, but _not_ for the result. The
page is always executed and should compute a new result. Looks like there
must be another reason. Maybe a problem with closures?

> - Irregularly but quite often EmbperlObject fails with 'function not
> defined' even if the function is normal perl sub defined in the
> base.html - reload always fixes it.

How do you call the functions? Where are the functions definied? In the same

> And finally I guess it might be a good idea to (make possible to) export
> base.html subs so they're available in the pages.

I plan to add more features at the end of the month (or starting of july).
Then I will add some scheme of inherance/import/export, not quite sure
what's the best yet.


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