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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject ANNOUNCE: DBIx::Recordset 0.21
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2000 12:17:14 GMT

has entered CPAN as

  file: $CPAN/authors/id/G/GR/GRICHTER/DBIx-Recordset-0.21.tar.gz
  size: 79854 bytes
   md5: 1611ee535c75afa1a515a2b8bfb77e3a

DBIx::Recordset is a perl module for abstraction and simplification of
database access.

The goal is to make standard database access (select/insert/update/delete)
easier to handle and independend of the underlying DBMS. Special attention
made on web applications to make it possible to handle the state-less access
and to process the posted data of formfields, but DBIx::Recordset is not
limited to web applications.

The main features of DBIx::Recordset are:

- it has a compact interface, normaly only one function call is necessary
  for setup and data retrival/inseration/deletion

- it takes care about type conversion and quoting

- it is able to access/modify tables via arrays and hashs

- it can automaticly create sub-objects for tables which are logical linked

- it can automatily create joins based on logical links

- it has input/output filters on a per field/per type basis

- it can create WHERE expression from a hash, which is especially usefull in
  a cgi environement, where you can simply pass all paramters posted to your
  script to DBIx::Recordset and DBIx::Recordset creates an corresponding

- it can create previous/next buttons for html output

- it works together with HTML::Embperl for easily genration of HTML output

- it has an own database abtraction class DBIx::Compat which gives all the
  necessary information, so that DBIx::Recordset is able to work with
  different database systems

- The new class DBIx::Database is able to retrieve and store meta infomation
  of the database in a centralised location, which can be used for later
  setup. This is also usefull when running under mod_perl, because you can
  all the setup and configuration work at webserver startup time, speeding
  your scripts when a actual request is processed.

DBIx::Recordset use the DBI API to access the database, so it should work
every database for which a DBD driver is available (see also DBIx::Compat)

For more information look at perldoc DBIx::Recordset.
An introduction to DBIx::Recordset can be view with perldoc Intrors.pod.
The introduction can also be viewed online at

DBIx::Recordset is tested with (but should also work with other DBMS)

- DBD::mysql
- DBD::Pg
- DBD::Solid
- DBD::Oracle
- DBD::Sybase
- DBD::Informix

Changes since 0.20:

  - Fixed problem with wrong StartRecordNo, which will also cause
    problems with prev and next. Spotted by Alexander Siegel.
  - Fixed problem that FETCHSIZE also returns one to much.
    Spotted by Robert.
  - Fixed the $last attribute of Search. Spotted by Roman Maeder.
  - Fixed a bug in FETCHSIZE spotted by Robert.
  - Allow different Filters for \\field and field in select.
  - Fixed a problem with bind_param and LONGVARCHAR together
    with DBD::ODBC
  - Applied patch from Rob McMillin to the documentaion, which
    corrects my bad english.
  - DBIx::Recordset now supports serials fields. It is able
    to insert a value from a sequence into a record upon insert
    and return the value (for databases which supports sequences)
    or simply return the value of last serial field (for databases
    which does support serial/autoincrment fields)
  - For DBMS with does not support sequences, there are two new
    classes (DBIx::Recordset::DBSeq/FileSeq) which emulates sequences
    in a DB table or the filesystem (see !SeqClass parameter)
  - Execute now retrievs always the correct record after an INSERT
    when a serial fields is specified. (and serial fields are supported
    by the DBMS)
  - Documented the $where parameter, which allows to pass a literal
    SQL WHERE expresseion. (See SYNOPSIS)
  - Added the $values parameter, so you can now pass parameters which
    should be bind to the placeholders in the expression given
    with $where. This allows more complex WHERE expressions to be setup.
  - Wrote a short SYNOSIS sections, which gives some examples to make
    it easier to start with DBIx::Recordset.
  - Multiple values for a single field could now be also passed as
    array ref.
  - !TableFilter parameter is now always used as prefix, so only
    thoses tables which starts with the prefix given in !TableFilter
    are deteced by DBIx::Database.
  - Removed the error message that zero record are updated instead
    of one, because this were sometimes not correct. Spotted by
    Roman Maeder.
  - Fixed a problem which occurs when you access a linked table
    for the first time (e.g. $set{-to}{foo}). Spotted by
    Andrej Mikus.
  - Removed a lot of -w warnings.



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