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From "Mordred" <>
Subject HTMLemb on a virtual host
Date Sun, 11 Jun 2000 06:31:22 GMT
Hi all,
I've been trying to get HTMLemb working on my virtual host. The problem I
have is I dont have write access to the servers perl directory so I can't
complete the make install step. They have not been very helpful but after
prodding a lot I got the most helpful hint from them yet:

Dear valued customer:

Perl modules are something we do not install for you if you need to install
it edit the Makefile to suit your needs. You can run perl modules from your
home directory with out our assistance. You can do this via placing the

require "/path/to/module/you/are/trying/to/"

I would place all the items simply in my home dir.

Jumpline Support Dept

This sounds like I might be able to get around it, but as usual they are
vague. I am competent and willing to work it out, I have no idea about
makefiles though. Where would I add this line? Do you think it would wirk?
Any suggestions?

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