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From Robert Spier <>
Subject Re: rt links need authentification
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2004 06:33:00 GMT
> AFAIK it's an RT problem. Even if you go to the home page
> and enter a ticket in a window suggesting
> that this is a guest access, it'll still ask you for a password. I've
> CC'ed Robert, who's the right person to ask about this.

Less of an RT problem, more of, "It's very hard to use Basic Auth and
guest access" at the same URL without some black magic.

I just made a tweak to the perlbug form so it might work now.  If you
look at the source of that page, you'll see an obvious
username/password.  (Please don't post it though.  I know.. silly me.)

On my list is to develop a fast, clean, read-only, unauthenticated, RT
frontend.  But tuits are in short supply.


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