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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Docs Format
Date Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:41:22 GMT
Jack Nerad wrote:
> Stas Bekman wrote:
>> the only tweaks we are going to do are semantic ones (i.e. messing 
>> with pod tags), and that should be trivially to fix. The biggest 
>> challenge is to get a sensible conversion of the C docs to Perl docs. 
>> So I won't worry about this now. We will polish this later.
> Should I then just post a patch to the

I think that will work. If you have a webspace you can upload too, you may 
want to upload a link to it and the tar with everything, so we can download 
and play with.

>> Feel free to ask questions and we will provide the answers. But really 
>> this is just a template to use for creating the docs.
>> I suppose what's confusing is that Gerald has suggested the 
>> intermediate format, which I suggest to simply drop and everything 
>> becomes simpler at once (of course at the price of having less 
>> flexible sources) 
> Assuming we drop the intermediate format (just for a moment) what would 
> the "stages" of AUTOGENERATION be?
> Stage 1.  Pull docs into raw_src
> Stage 2.  Edit the docs by hand

There are going to be only 2 stages that concern us at this point. The ones 
you have mentioned.

> Stage 3. Write scripts using the POD::* modules that convert the docs to 
> alternate formats (or leave that to those who want those alternate 
> formats)?

so that won't be the case, other than the "normal" pod->html|ps|pdf that we 
already have.

> I think with all the POD::* modules available, it shouldn't be too hard 
> to deal without the intermediate format.  What was the original thinking 
> behind having the intermediate format?

Gerald was thinking to import docs into doxygen if I remember correctly. If 
you search this list's archives, you can find all the discussion regarding 
this topic.

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