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From Jack Nerad <>
Subject Re: Autogeneration of docs
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2003 14:08:24 GMT
Hello Gerald,

Gerald Richter wrote:

>Hi Jack,
>>I'm still here.  But I'm a little bit confused.  I'd like to work on
>>Apache::RequestRec, but I'm not sure of the status of that document.
>>Will there be additional changes from an import, or is that it (and I
>>should get started).
>I don't know how much you have followed the discussion about xsbuilder in
>the past. Basicly it's abtracted out of the mod_perl build system to make it
>also usable outside of mod_perl. It is able to parse the source comments of
>the Apache headers and create pod from it. The last thing I have done and
>what I described in the email Stas has quoted, is that the part that
>actually generates the pod, is moved in a class of it's own. It's very easy
>to change. So if you have some time to work on the docs, it would be great
>if you can take xsbuilder (I send you the necessary version if you like to
>do this, because it's not yet on cpan)  can customize the output, so it
>looks like the desired final pod. After this step, we have docs for all
>Apache objects and just need to Perlise them. Part of this translation is
>already done by xsbuilder, other things should be very easy to add. If this
>is done, the next step is to do some hand editing on the this generated pod.
>Are you interested in working on this? (because my time is very limited at
>the moment)
I'm interested in working on this, but I really don't know the first 
thing about your processes and don't want to rock the boat. :)  If I get 
started on this project, I'm going to need someone to answer some very 
stupid questions that I'll come up with as I work.

I saw the Apache::RequestRec pod in the message, but I didn't know if 
that was it or if there were going to be more changes.  Stas told me to 
hold off until the "import" but it was unclear to me when that was going 
to happen.

Please send me xsbuilder and tell me what to do with it.  (Do I have the 
files that it acts on already?  Where are they? Is the final desired pod 
just plain old perl pod? What texts do I need to read and know before I 
ask these questions?)


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