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From "Jonathan M. Hollin" <>
Subject RE: Breadcrumb
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 08:56:04 GMT
> I understand why it is like it is, but just couldn't help myself.  I guess
> I just get too used to seeing things a given way and expect it to be
> universal.
> Not a big issue, so never mind.

Au contraire Bill...

I think this is an issue.  Bill's key words here are "used to seeing things
a given way and expect it to be universal".  Exactly.  You and I, and no
doubt millions of others simply expect a breadcrumb trail to be complete.
By not making ours complete we are going to cause some confusion.  I can
just see those emails flooding in to webmaster[at] is looking really neat now, so I understand
the groups reluctance to make any "major" changes at this late stage.
Personally, I can live with it as it is - but I do think you guys should
give it a little more thought (and yes, I know that long titles will make it
ugly - but there has to be a solution to that little problem, truncation

Kindest regards to all.

Jonathan M. Hollin

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