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From "Jonathan M. Hollin" <>
Subject RE: Breadcrumb
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 15:26:27 GMT
> I was not suggesting that they be any longer, but that they just show the
> current page as a NON-link that is now shown as a link when you
> go one more
> level deep.

Bill I understood exactly what you meant - I just decided to pick up on that
one small point.  :-)

> I agree we should be "standard", but I also think users of the mod_perl
> site can figure out the bread crumb.

I'm sure 99% of people would be able to "figure out the bread crumb", but
that's not the point when you talk about useability.  To my mind users
shouldn't have to figure it out, it should be natural, intuitive...  if you
notice the interface, or have to think about it - then it's wrong.  The
interface should not get in the way of the content in any way.

But Bill I'm also a realist.  The above describes a perfect world and I know
we have to compromise somewhere.

Jonathan M. Hollin - WYPUG Coordinator
West Yorkshire Perl User Group

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