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From Per Einar Ellefsen <>
Subject Re: announcing the prerelease
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 20:48:42 GMT
At 19:05 01.07.2002, Stas Bekman wrote:
>Anybody is willing to write an announcement? Please also see some extra 
>notes I've started in the TODO file. Thanks!

Okay, a quick shot here as I'm bored with trying to categorize the Apache:: 

As you may know, we have been at work for a while trying to create a
new site for mod_perl: ot only a new design, but a more sensible
organization of all the documentation we currently have at hand. We
have now come to the point where we are very satisfied with the design
and overall usability of the site, so we will present this to you as
Release Candidate 1 before releasing it officially.

The site is now located at this URL:

When the Release Candidate gets all bugs rolled out, we will release
it to its correct address,

What should I do?

Throughout development, the site has been tested extensively on many
different OS/browser combinations: Unix, MacOS and Windows
mostly. However, we can of course not be sure that it's working
correctly for everyone.

This is why we ask for your help: take some time to browse the site,
and take note of:
- errors with browsers (crashes and/or rendering problems)
- usability: are you satisfied with the navigation and organization
   of the content?
- your general satisfaction with how the site is.

The site has been designed with respect to the HTML 4.0 and CSS 2
standards, and it is therefore normal that the rendering might be
flawed in some (few) browsers that do not support this. However, we
have still made sure that the content is accessible by everyone, so
even text-browsers should make the site usable.

Where to report?
First of all, you should check the list of reported bugs here:
If your issue is already listed, we will take care of it.

If your issue isn't listed, you will have to contact the docs-dev

To post, send an e-mail to:

      docs-dev (at)

You do not have to be subscribed to post, but your message will have
to be approved first so it might take some hours to get a response.

When reporting, we will need as detailed information as possible:
- your Operating System name/release
- the browser you are using: name + release
- a detailed report of the *exact* problem you are having

Please be as precise as possible to help us find out the problem and
fix it. Furthermore, if you have a fix, we will appreciate that.

Try to refrain from too general design questions: we have spent a
considerable amount of time on the design and are now more concerned
with the fact that the site *works* for everyone.

Enjoy your new site, mod_perlers!

Per Einar Ellefsen

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