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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: New mod_perl site and oddness with IE
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2002 08:00:41 GMT

[Let's move this thread to the docs-dev list, otherwise we make an OT 
noise at the modperl list, so, please, when replying to this email, 
remove the modperl address from it. thanks!]

>>Has anyone else had problems with this particular page under IE
>>(6.0.2600 under XP) being extremly slow to update when paging up/down?
>>It works fine under Mozilla, and it's not a memory or cpu issue (checked
>>with task manager already). And when I say slow, I mean a simple down
>>cursor causes the visible portion of the page to get painted in 4
>>noticble steps/chunks.
> please check if the problem exists on this url:
> if you have other browser software, please check and see if anything else is 
> broken there as well.

Allan, You are trying to solve it by applying HTML::Clean, which reduces 
the size of the page, right? But even if it does solve the problem for 
this particular page, what happens if the page grows, or there is some 
other page which is bigger, and no cleanup will make it small enough to 
make IE happy.

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