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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: a little feedback
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 03:42:34 GMT
allan wrote:
> Stas Bekman wrote:
>> > [Tom's comments:]
>> >
>> > And personally, I
>> > wouldn't suggest named fonts at all. My Helvetica, for example, is a
>> > PostScript version which renders web pages very poorly. I would
>> > prefer that my browser's default sans-serif font be used instead.
>>Hmm, I actually like this idea. Will it work? Currently the fonts we
>>have absolutely suck on linux. If this can work, I'm +1 on this idea, to
>>do it right now.
>>The question is, why everybody else is specifying the fonts?
> everybody does it to "force" their design over the users
> head i guess. i agree with you and tom [i personally find it
> a feature], but hesitate to make the move. people who want
> to use their own fonts will already know how they can
> overrule our stylesheets fonts. if people do that by default
> they will always know what to expect. if we dont specify the
> fonts a "normal" user [i'm only guessing] will first have to
> find out that:
> a) our site doesnt specify a font-family
> b) where do i specfiy my own fonts in my application?

but if we don't specify any family what could possible go wrong?

I really dislike a few of the fonts that get rendered on my machine, 
e.g. I really don't like Helvetica to be first. But as we saw you cannot 
satisfy everybody when you have only one order to choose from.

And I don't want to specify in my browser to override all other fonts, 
exactly for the reason you have mentioned: many sites will be simply 
unusable without these fonts (I suppose). Is our site going to have the 
same issue?

> lastly we will have to do at least some testing on various
> setups, so i suggest we move this issue to next version

I guess so. But i really wasn't satisfied with the fonts setup from the 
beginning and simply didn't know of any better compromise. Now that this 
idea comes up, I'm eager to give a shot if it helps many people.

But you are the design captain, so please decide.

>> > Many of your visitors will be using Lynx, I expect. (I, for one, am
>> > always using Lynx when I am configuring a server and need to consult
>> > the documentation.) You might want to direct some effort into making
>> > the pages look a little prettier for them.
>>The only thing we can improve is the <pre> sections which currently
>>stick to the main text.
> how do you mean, no whitespace?

no extra newlines, like this
   % make
next line


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