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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: a little feedback
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 00:48:10 GMT
Allan, only now I've realized where you've gotten these comments from :) 
Thanks for that, pal!

Here are some comments:

 > [Tom's comments:]

 > As far as fonts, I question the rationale in specifying a size of 1em
 > for the body. Wouldn't browsers assume that?

I think that currently we don't specify 1em anymore. I can see only one 
place where it must be specified (h4{})

 > And personally, I
 > wouldn't suggest named fonts at all. My Helvetica, for example, is a
 > PostScript version which renders web pages very poorly. I would
 > prefer that my browser's default sans-serif font be used instead.

Hmm, I actually like this idea. Will it work? Currently the fonts we 
have absolutely suck on linux. If this can work, I'm +1 on this idea, to 
do it right now.

The question is, why everybody else is specifying the fonts?

 > Many of your visitors will be using Lynx, I expect. (I, for one, am
 > always using Lynx when I am configuring a server and need to consult
 > the documentation.) You might want to direct some effort into making
 > the pages look a little prettier for them.

I think the site looks great under lynx (at least with the one that I 
have lynx-2.8.5-0.7mdk). I'm not sure what is the issue here. Correct me 
if I'm wrong.

The only thing we can improve is the <pre> sections which currently 
stick to the main text.

 > [Terje's comments:]
 > That's ok. If you are getting ready for release, now is a good time
 > to start tentative planning for the next major overhaul. I'll make my
 > comments in that light.
 > 1) Please, *please*, reconsider the design decision that put the
 > navigation(-ish) boxes on the left side of the page!
 >> by navigation(-ish) boxes, do you mean the prev|up|next currently
 >> on >the righthand side of the screen?
 > I mean the "Slashbox"-style boxes down the left edge of the page.
 > They simply eat up too much of the valuable left margin of the page.
 > The margin in print/layout works because it's _empty_ space; it
 > creates some air on the left of the main body text. When you put
 > "stuff" there you create a distraction which intereferes when you try
 > to read the main body text. Placing those boxes on the right side
 > takes care of this problem as well as degrading more gracefully when
 > printed or viewed on low-resolution screens.

this is out of question because we have many wide pages (due to <pre> 
mainly) and people will end up scrolling right all the time to get to 
the navigation widgets.

 >> we want to produce a seperate print style sheet, that hopefully
 >> will take care of what you describe above
 > Separate stylesheets for different media are a good idea, yes. I
 > would prefer to move those boxes for on-screen presentation too
 > though, for the reasons above. If you feel very strongly about
 > keeping those boxes where they are, you may consider providing an
 > alternate stylesheet that puts the boxes on the right (Mozilla-based
 > browsers lets you choose which of several alternate stylesheets to
 > use from a menu).

moreover, our current design is fscked up, because we use a fixed 
absolute width for left and right boxes, so if you want to flip the two 
it simply won't work.

 > 5) You use a "<link>" element to refer to the "bookmark icon", but
 > ignore the navigation ("top", "next", "previous", "toc", etc.)
 > <link>s that lets Mozilla and other modern browsers provide the
 > navigation.
 >> i dont get you, exactly what is wrong with that ?
 > <link rev="start" href="/"> <link rev="next" href="chapther2.html">
 > <link rev="glossary" href="glossary.html">
 > These let you define logical relationships between the various pages
 > on the site -- especially for logical collections of pages such as
 > the manual -- that will allow smart browsers to provide an UI for
 > moving between those parts. Read up on the Mozilla "Links Toolbar",
 > or the similar feature in iCab. Search engines can also take
 > advantage of this sort of markup.

we could add this, though the problem is that other than next and prev 
which we already have and they are use to map to <link>, I'm not sure 
what to do about the rest.

Stas Bekman            JAm_pH ------> Just Another mod_perl Hacker     mod_perl Guide --->

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