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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: changes button revisited
Date Fri, 05 Jul 2002 15:28:03 GMT
Bill Moseley wrote:
> At 09:38 PM 07/05/02 +0800, Stas Bekman wrote:
>>>personaly i dont think it should be a button at all
>>>could we put this button elsewhere?
>>yes, but where?
> What happened to the idea of making the Last Modified date the link to the
> changes file?  
 > Plus, I don't see that it will be used by the vast majority of people.

It's a first time I hear that idea :)

- 'Last Modified' is per file, Changes is per DocSet

- It's not obvious that it's a changes file

I guess we could do that, but then chances that anybody will find its 
existence are very small. What's the point of maintaining those files 
than anyway?

That's why I created the button, so it'll be actually visible.

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