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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject reorganizing the /docs docsets
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 09:12:25 GMT
we really need to be able to link to /docs/2.0/, /docs/1.0/, etc. which 
currently we cannot. So this is something we have discussed with Per 
Einar and wanted to involve you in this discussion:

 >> [Per Einar: the link to /2.0/ won't work as it's not a docset :)]
 >> Should we make it as a such? I think it'll pay off in the long run,
 >> even though you will have to make one more click...
 > Yep, I agree. Well actually I was hoping to be able to have it like
 > this: 2.0 a docset, so with index.html, and in docs/ have links to the
 > 2.0 docsets so that docs/index.html stays like it is now.

that's doable. But it won't be so smooth. Since I don't want to make 2.0 
, 1.0 and general docsets hidden, they will get automatically linked 
from /docs/index.html, do you think it'll be ok to have both links to 
the parent docsets and their child docsets on the same index.html? what 
I mean is that we can use links => [] to link to the 'docs' docset's 
grandchildren, but the link to the children docsets will be there too, 
so we will end up with:

Group II: 2.0 Documentation

2.0 Docs <= this is a docset link!

2.0 User guide <= link

2.0 Dev guide <= link

2.0 API <= link


you see what I mean?

Alternatively we could organize docs/index.html in the following way:

Group I: Docs

1.0 Docs
2.0 Docs

Group II: 1.0 Docs Shortcuts

Group III: 2.0 Docs Shortcuts

Group IV: 1.0 Docs Shortcuts

so the first group links to top docsets, whereas other groups are really 
shortcuts that bypass the need to click once again.

but won't that be confusing?

Another problem with this approach is that if you are at docs/index.html 
and click on the guide (which is a link bypassing its immediate parent), 
when you land on docs/1.0/guide/index.html, the link [up] won't take you 
to the page you came from (/docs/index.html), but to 

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