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From Thomas Klausner <>
Subject Re: Mirrors
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 09:15:41 GMT

On Tue, Jul 02, 2002 at 10:17:37AM +0200, Per Einar Ellefsen wrote:
> Thomas has said he wanted to do one in Austria (that's the country, 
> right?).
Yes, that's what's behind .at

Rather small (~8 million people), between German and Italy,
Switzerland and Hungaria, Czech & Slovak Republic...

> That makes it one for Europe. I'm sure we can get more, for 
> example I'm currently looking at which seem to have hosted a 
> mirror for the XEmacs site and others (they have the website), 
> so that'd make for another one in Europe. Other continents might appear to 
> us in the future.
> If we have *total control*, is everyone ok with proceeding with this?

I'm planning to write two scripts

1) build-mirror:

This script will be run on each mirror via a cronjob. Frequency should
be definitly not more than weekly, better dayly.

*) fetches the docs from cvs
*) builds them with DocSet
*) runs the search indexer (using SWISH)

Sites running this script will need DocSet, cvs, SWISH-E
installed. This should be a requirement for all "official" mirrors

2) test-mirrors

This script will be run on via a cronjob. Should be in
sync with the building there, maybe even in the same script

*) request /index.html from each mirror (LWP)
*) check the timestamp
*) if last-modified is recent enough (say, 1 week) add to mirrors
*) add each mirror to a (new) Mirrors-DocSet

What do you think?


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