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From allan juul <>
Subject clean html
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 14:34:03 GMT

while living abroad i did some work on optimizing the beautiful HTML::Clean by 
paul lindler because i thought the mod_perl_site might "need" it as some of 
the pages litterally takes tens of seconds to download on a slow connection.

(the current released module doesn't take <pre> sections into acount currently 
among other things)

i have done a complete rebuild (using the unrelased bin/build -c option) of 
the mod_perl site

it can be viewed at

please note the following though;

1) it's unfinished (the clean module)
2) index-pages have been excluded (why i have to look at with time)
3) this build might not be the very very latest (but close)

the relevant files are available from me if people want to play with this for 
them selves

please comment if you have time, remembering its faster than usual (hopefully)

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