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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject mod_perl module docs, a la Apache module docs
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 18:57:46 GMT
Sorry I posted this to the wrong list earlier. Here it is again, in the
right list.

Stas has already responded to the effect that if it is kept bare-bones
and minimalist, like it is at the moment, with pointers to the more
detailed documentation and examples, that it would be acceptable, but
that we want to avoid duplication in order to avoid getting out of sync.
I agree with this sentiment.

So, here's the note, for those that did not already see it on the other
mailing list.


It has long frustrated me that there was no mod_perl module
documentation, in the style of the standard Apache module documentation.
I don't mean to bash the docs that are there - clearly, they are of
exceptional quality. But I wanted something like the standard module

So, rather than complaining, which would seem to be, at best, in poor
taste, given the quantity of stuff that folks like Stas have already
written, I've started on a mod_perl module doc, based on the Apache 2.0
module documentation XML template. You can see the first cut at

I know, it is gravely lacking, and needs help. And I intend to do
something about that. But I have a few questions before I burn a lot of
time on that.

Where, if anywhere, should such a document go? Yeah, it can stay
where it is, but I would not think that anyone would think to look

Has someone already done this, and I'm just missing it? I know that
there is similar information at but I was hesitant to steal
that wholesale. Besides, everyone should buy Ralf's book, and I don't
want to dilute that in any way. ;-)

Is there currently, or are there any plans for, a mod_perl
documentation cvs repository, where something like this could live?

Anyways, tell me what you think. I have the original XML, which is
vastly more useful than the HTML output, and would be glad to give that
to anyone that wants it.

CooperMcGregor - More #! for your $
Apache training, tech support, and services

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