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From allan <>
Subject Re: When to release?
Date Sun, 30 Jun 2002 20:40:54 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:

> well I think there are two things really left:
> 1. I've just updated the site with the recent changes, and you all are
> welcome to run the usual usability testing. Once we are happy with it,
> this item is closed. Though we did that with Allan's home builds, it's
> possible that something went wrong during the merge. Also we did change
> certain things after Allan's last review, search mainly, so please test.
> e.g. Bill does your NS4 still crash?

we [or me rather] need to update the search-results page
with two things [mainly: the checkboxes looks bad in ns4,
the links should be non-underlined], neither of these are
showstoppers i reckon

> 2. I've added a new button (page_changes.gif), but I've no idea what
> font family/size was used for other buttons. So now it's sort of broken.
> If anybody knows how to fix it, go ahead. Allan promised to fix it
> hopefully on Monday. If you beat Allan to it, we can (pre-)release earlier.

hopefully late monday including specs for the images ...
they should be very close to this [havent double-checked]:

photoshop 5.5 macintosh 

font: Verdana, regular
size: 11pt
tracking: 15
anti-alias: none
colors: #525d76, #ffffff

prev, next
width: 48px
height: 16px

width: 25px
height: 16px

width: 48px
height: 16px

pdf, src
width: 40px
height: 15px

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