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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Banner announce beta
Date Sat, 15 Jun 2002 15:57:28 GMT
Per Einar Ellefsen wrote:
> Ok, sorry, I'm late with this, but let's try to make up for it:
> ------------------------
> What?
> -----
> The new mod_perl site currently in development needs banners to spread 
> the word about mod_perl. As you probably know, the mod_perl logo has 
> already been elected, and we have buttons too. However, we are now 
> looking for banners so that we can get someone to advertise about us.
> How?
> ----
> If you have the time, we want you to try and create a nice banner for 
> mod_perl. Mind you, this isn't a contest like the ones we have organized 
> before. We are really looking for something to represent mod_perl over 
> the Internet, to attract more people, so you should put some thought 
> into your submission.

That sounds like we say that for the previous contests people didn't put 
any thoughts in their submission. Therefore I don't think you should 
project this contest on the previous ones. Just make it standalone.

> If we find that a submission lacks something, we will try and work with 
> the designer so that we can reach a beneficial result for everyone.

Scratch that, as it kills any incentives that one may have. Say 
something like:

"We will try to pick the best banners among your works to get the best 
outcome from the mod_perl banners."

if the submitter will be willing to work on improving after submitting 
the banner, that's great. But we shouldn't state it as a fact. People 
may not like it.

> Rules
> -----
> As I said, this isn't a contest. Atleast not for the moment. We will 
> establish a jury that will review incoming submissions to make sure they 
> follow the guidelines we have set, because we aren't just looking for 
> style, but for market strategy. Please make sure you follow the rules 
> below:
> 1) Banner specifications:
> Format: GIF or JPEG (or another source format that we can *easily* 
> convert to those formats.
> Dimensions: 468x60 pixels.
> File size: must not exceed 15 kB.
> Animation: can be animated.

JPEG? I don't think it's convertable without big losses. I think the 
submission format should be GIF or PNG. (and the latter can be converted 
to other formats, though I think the images are bigger that way)

> 2) You *must* re-use the new logo. It doesn't have to take too much 
> space, but we're trying to create a mod_perl brand here. Please also 
> stick with the same theme as the logo (colors etc..)
> You can get the new logo in different formats here: 

I'd rather say:

Using the same theme as the logo is probably a good idea.

Re-using the logo is a must, but the theme, probably not. If creative 
people can come up with something we didn't think about using a 
different theme, why not?

> 3) You must use either the Perl camel or the Apache feather in one way 
> or another, or preferably both. This is to mark our association with 
> these two technologies. The reason for allowing one or the other is that 
> you might want to center your theme around either Perl or Apache, trying 
> to appeal to the respective communities.

The same here. I believe that this should be a suggestion, not a 
requirement. I know I've said the opposite before, but again if creative 
people come up with something really great without using the camel and 
the feather I think that would be great. Therefore, how about this phrasing:

"3) We believe that in order to reach the audience unfamiliar with 
mod_perl, but familiar with either Apache or Perl we must use either or 
both of these attributes so the banner will talk to them. E.g. we can 
put the banner that includes the feather on the Apache sites and with 
the camel on the Perl sites. If you manage to put them together that's 
even better.

That doesn't mean that if you come up with a very creative idea of 
making the mod_perl banner interest people, without using any of these 
mascots, you shouldn't go for it. We just believe that using them will 
help promoting mod_perl and since the new mod_perl logo doesn't include 
any of these mascots, at least putting them along the logo should do the 

so can this be a flexible rule?

> The Apache feather:
> The Perl camel:
> and if you find a better camel here:
> you can use that.
> 4) Most importantly: you must get the message through about *what* 
> mod_perl is all about. Remember that people not knowing much about it 
> might see the ad, so they must understand from your ad that:
>  - mod_perl is about web serving of dynamic content
>  - uses Apache and Perl
>  - is fast, powerful, etc.. (that's somehow up to you to complete)
> This is the item the jury will put most emphasis on, because it's the 
> most important marketing-wise.

I'd add at least: scalable and flexible

> 5) Submissions must reach us before July 1st.

Please submit your works before July 1st.

> Now what should I do?
> ---------------------
> Send your submission to docs-dev (at) [META: is it 
> possible to send to the list without being subscribed?], where it'll be 
> reviewed and probably accepted.

I'll have to accept all those posts from non-subscribers... but sure. 
the messages will reach the list only when I get a chance to approve

I thought it's may be better to ask people to subscribe to the list, but 
it's a probably not a good idea.

the problem with sending to the list is that it will just mess things 
up. I think it's better for someone to accumulate the posts (if we get 
any :) and then advertise a URl with all submissions like Jonathan did.

> Suggestions:
> ------------
> We have come up with some ideas you might want to use in your designs:
> * world domination theme (statistics etc..)
> * mod_perl 2.0
> * Using the exisiting logo, and animate it with the cogs replaced by 
> camel head, feather, and then coming to the cogs. Right-hand-side should 
> contain some other text.
> * Bullet going through the "mod_perl" of the logo--Faster than a 
> speeding bullet!
> Thank you very much for your participation!
> ------------

The rest sounds great!

Stas Bekman            JAm_pH ------> Just Another mod_perl Hacker     mod_perl Guide --->

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