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From Bill Moseley <>
Subject Re: Mirrors?
Date Sat, 29 Jun 2002 06:32:17 GMT
At 01:43 PM 06/29/02 +0800, Stas Bekman wrote:
>> One possibility for this problem, and Bill can correct me if I'm
>> wrong, but I think swish-e's index files are platform
>> independent.

Mostly.  There's a bug someplace in the index header code that makes the
indexes not portable between Alpha's and i386.  I jut bought an alpha to
add to my collection, but it's sitting in the corner waiting for a lan card.

>> So, if the mirror has swish-e, and if the indexing
>> on the master is done without absolute links, it should be
>> possible for mirrors to install a local copy of the search and
>> use the index files generated at the master site (available
>> through rsync, or whatever).

When index is generated you specify the URL of the dst_html directory
(which might be root, of course) and then that's stripped when indexing so
the links are relative.  So, the index should work on mirrors since the
search result links are relative to the search script.

>Not sure about being platform independent, but it's not simple because 
>the index files aren't linked from anywhere and the search script itself 
>cannot be mirrored, since it's executed and not returned as a source. 
>Meaning that you will need to do the local build and if you do so, doing 
>the indexing localy shouldn't be a problem.

I'm too tired to follow the above, but If someone is going to mirror, they
are going to need swish, and if they have built swish then it's probably
not much more work to build the index.  Stas created a nice README in

Bill Moseley

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